Lightroom will give you the tools you need to allow you to take your  photography to new levels showing your clients why you are a professional.


Lightroom will give you the ability to create perfection by your own standards and the ability to do more than just straight out of camera.

Lightroom 5 is here...


and of course this version is DUDE APPROVED!


What happens when Adobe listens to Photographers? Lightroom 5 is what happens! The most powerful version of Lightroom to be released! More to come soon...

All new Classes...


New classes for Lightroom plus Photoshop! Retouching classes, Workflow classes, Pano and HDR Classes and multi-day classes to take you from start to finish. Full training class style or one-on-one available at  my studio or at your location. More info coming soon...


The Develop Module will give you the precise adjustments you need to bring your images to life with just the basic edits or take it beyond the ordinary with a mix of sliders to create artistic imagery that will lead you into a new level of creation..

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